Self Drive

Many people choose to drive to the Alps. French motorways are quiet, well maintained and routes are easy to follow. The journey takes around 8 hours from Calais.

Routes and Tolls

Simply follow the signs from Calais to Reims, Troyes, Dijon, Lyon, Chambery, Albertville, Moƻtiers, St Martin De Bellville. Alternatively head towards Geneva and turn of the motorway at the first Annecy sign and then head for Albertville. Directions are available on request and a local area map to ensure the journey door to door is as straight forward as possible.

Ferry or Tunnel

The Channel Tunnel is the quickest way, though not the cheapest – always book in advance and look for a deal.

Ferries: The advantage of ferries of course is the chance to get out of your car, do some shopping and visit one of the restaurants on board – you’ll need to stop to eat somewhere on your journey anyway. For details of routes from the UK see